Personal and Corporate Professional Stylist

After several years as a fashion expert and professional stylist working closely with corporate and individual clients I can curate and enhance personal style, helping clients to feel their best. I can provide expert guidance, fashion advice, and wardrobe management services tailored to specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle. 

As a personal stylist I’m able to provide a range of services, including style assessments, wardrobe analysis, personal shopping, fitting and styling, wardrobe organization, event styling, style advice, and confidence-building. My purpose is to help my clients feel and look their best, exuding confidence through their unique sense of style. 

In my work I strive to celebrate individuality and encourage you to embrace your own personal style, because true fashion is not just about following trends, but about expressing your authentic self. I believe that fashion is more than just clothing : it’s an expression of our identity and also a way to make a statement.


Style Assessment

start with conduct a comprehensive style assessment to understand your fashion preferences, lifestyle, body type, and personal goals. We can discuss your fashion likes and dislikes, assessing your current wardrobe, and identifying areas where you seek improvement or transformation.

Styling and fitting

Once the new items are acquired, we can have fitting sessions ensuring that each garment fits properly and flatters your body shape creating also versatile outfits that suit various occasions.

Fashion stylist and image consultant with expertise in creative direction for fashion editorials, test for models agencies, campaigns, brands lookbooks and advertising.

Inspired by music, movies, poetry, literature and theatre, I consider fashion to be an art form, and my work is a genre of story-telling.

Barcelona-based fashion stylist & image consultant.

I’m fascinated by what is hidden beyond the appearance.


VOGUE Italia / METAL / NR Magazine / Lula JAPAN / PUSS PUSS Magazine / Schön! / CAP74024 / VEIN Magazine / Fucking Young! / Client Magazine / YWYW / FLEWID BOOK / Blanc Magazine / SICKY / Pressure Culture / Nasty Magazine / The KUNST Magazine / Curated by Girls / SPAGHETTI Mag / F Word / Lobster Mag / Stoic Magazine



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